School/Childcare Frequently Asked Questions

School/Childcare Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: MCIR shows students as incomplete for MMR or Varicella. It looks to me like he/she should be complete.

A1: It could be the “Live-Live Rule.”

Certain vaccines (MMR, Varicella, and Influenza Intranasal) are considered live-virus vaccines.
If such vaccines are not given on the same date, or separated by at least 28 days, the live vaccine administered last will not produce a proper immune response, and will be considered an invalid dose.

For more information, go to the CDC Immunization Website. (see “Nonsimultaneous Administration of Different Vaccines” heading). Contact your Local Health Department if you have further questions.


Q2: How can I quickly find a student in MCIR?


A2: Use the Wildcard (*) Search to improve your chance of finding a student the first time. The Wildcard Search prevent the creation of duplicate student records in the MCIR.


Q3: Why can’t I add a student?


A3: Michigan children born 1994 to present are in the MCIR system. To add a student that was born before 1994, or born outside of Michigan, you must attempt your search two consecutive times using only the Last Name, First Name, and Birthdate, then you will see the option to add the student. If you need help searching for these students, try the Wildcard (*) Search.

If you attempt searching and still do not see the option to add a student, you have a pop-up blocker on your computer that needs to be disabled: How to Disable Common Pop-Up Blockers.


Q4: How do I add new Users to my Site?


A4: Click here for Site Administrator Training


Q5: Who do I contact for training on MCIR?


A5: Many training materials are available on the School/Childcare Education & Training page. Local Health Departments may provide group training sessions in spring and/or late summer/early fall. To register for a session, or for more in-depth training, contact your Local Health Department.


Q6: Who do I contact for technical assistance with MCIR?


A6: Contact Us at the MCIR Helpdesk. Our toll-free number is 1-888-243-6652. Our phone lines are open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday – Friday.


Q7: A parent came into the school today asking for an immunization record. Can I give this to him/her?


A7: No. A parent can only receive an official immunization record from an Immunization Provider office, Local Health Department, or the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.


Q8: How are student grades promoted over the summer?


A8: MCIR automatically advances students by one grade on August 1. Click here for the rules for grade promotion.


Q9: A student  had a legal name change. They are still in MCIR with their old legal name. How do I update student in MCIR?


A9: Only Parents/Legal Guardians may request a legal name change by utilizing this form. Schools may correct spelling issues by using the School/Childcare Petition to Modify Data Form.


Q10: I entered an immunization date/waiver incorrectly. How do I fix it?


A10: You may edit or delete any immunization dates or waivers that you, or anyone else in your building, has entered into MCIR.

To enter an immunization date/waiver

  1. Go to the student’s record
  2. Click on the History link
  3. Immunization dates that you entered are highlighted in red and underlined.
  4. Click on the underlined date. You will get a popup where you may fix the date or delete it.
  5. Remove the waiver by clicking the Delete link to the right of the waiver.


Q11: I tried to delete an incorrect immunization date (according to the instructions in A10 above) and was unable to. The date is not underlined. How do I correct in MCIR?


A11: Any dates that are not underlined on the student’s History screen were entered by another childcare/school building (if they are highlighted in red)   OR entered by Immunization Provider office (not highlighted in red).

Go ahead and enter the correct date into MCIR. To petition for a change to the non-underlined immunization date, you must follow the instructions on the School/Childcare Petition to Modify Data Form.


Q12: All immunizations that I add to a student’s record are highlighted in red. Why? Is there something wrong?


A12: No, all immunization dates that are entered by a school or childcare are stored separately in the MCIR database. Providers are unable to view any “red-highlighted” immunizations. If a provider reports that same immunization date later, it will merge with the school/childcare data and turn to regular (non-red).


Update 6.21.2019