Public Freqently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the MCIR?
A1: The MCIR, or Michigan Care Improvement Registry, is a collaborative project through the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. MCIR ensures consistent accessibility to a person’s immunization record regardless of the person’s location in Michigan. This system also helps to track local and state immunization rates of Michigan residents to ensure immunity to vaccine-preventable illnesses.

Q2: Is my record in the MCIR?
A2: Children born in Michigan from 1994 to present are in the MCIR. Some older children and adults are also in the MCIR. To see if your record is in the MCIR, you can contact your doctor’s office or your local health department.

Q3: How do I get my or my child’s immunization record?
A3: If your/your child’s record is in the MCIR, you may request a copy from your doctor’s office or your local health department. Additionally, you can request a copy by following the directions on this form.

Q4: Who can access the MCIR?
A4: Local health departments, pharmacies and doctor’s offices have access to the MCIR system. Schools and childcares utilize MCIR for their immunization compliance reporting. Health plans may view MCIR for their administrative reporting.

Q5: Is my record kept confidential?
A5: Confidentially is of the utmost importance in the MCIR. All users of the system must sign and agree to a confidentially agreement before access is granted. No unauthorized access is admitted to the system due to the system’s built in security measures.

Q6: How can I remove my child/myself from the MCIR?
A6: You can opt out yourself or your child from the MCIR system. To do so, you must complete and sign a Participation in MCIR Reporting form and send it to your MCIR Regional Office.  Non-Participation in MCIR does not exempt children from required school/childcare vaccines.  The parent/guardian is responsible for tracking all administered vaccines.

Q7: I received a letter stating my child is overdue on his shots, but I know he is up to date: what happened?
A7: It is possible that your child’s doctor’s office did not report all your child’s immunizations to the MCIR or that there are duplicate records for your child within MCIR. Contact your child’s doctor’s office, your local health department or your MCIR Regional Office to get your child’s record updated.

Q8: MCIR says that my child is overdue on his shots, but his doctor says he is up to date. They both have the same shot dates so which one is correct?
A8: MCIR has strict guidelines on when shots can be given to a child based on the current Recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control/Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. If your child’s immunization was given earlier than the date set by the immunization recommendations, the system will show your child as overdue.

Q9: My child’s school needs a copy of his immunization record, can they get this from the MCIR?
A9: Schools have the ability to view the immunizations reported by a local health department or doctor’s office. They are not, however, able to print an official immunization record using MCIR. Only a local health department, doctor’s office, or the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services may print an official immunization record for your child. To obtain an official immunization record contact your child’s doctor, your local health department or follow the directions on this form.