Provider Site Administrator

Are you a Provider Site Administrator?

A MCIR Provider Site Administrator is responsible for managing their site by adding, editing and deleting their provider site users associated to their site.

CONTACT your MCIR Regional Office for in person Site Administrator Training.

Provider Site Administrator Manual – New 2020

This manual contains step-by-step instructions regarding various Provider Site Administrator tasks including those of a VFC MCIR Provider Site Administrator.

Training Modules:

Provider Site Administrator Online Training How To:

  1. Review Online Training Module 1.
  2. Click Course Completion Link at the end of Module 1.
  3. Answer questionnaire to receive your Certificate of Completion.
  4. When you receive your certificate via email – forward your email to your Regional MCIR Coordinator.

MODULE 1: Provider Site Administration Basic Training Module

The Provider Site Admin Basic Training Course Completion Link is available on the last slide of the Module. After reviewing the module you can receive a Certificate of Completion.

Answer the questionnaire form, receive your certificate and then to email your certificate directly to your Regional MCIR Coordinator.

*Each region determines how the Site Administrator Certificate of Completion fits within their specific regional Site Administrator training activities.*

Individual Lessons from Module 1

Forgot Your MCIR Password?

Visit and direct your MCIR Users to MILogin to change your password and/or update your MILogin information.

How to Reset Your MILogin Password — pdf
How to Update Your MILogin Information — pdf

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I am the new site administrator.

Contact your Regional Coordinator

Archived Resources:

Using the Provider Patient Roster – 7-2015
Provider Site and User Preferences – 7-2015
Using Multiple Sites – 7-2015