MCIR Immunization Coverage Workbooks

Immunization Coverage Workbooks

These Excel workbooks contain graphs of immunization coverage according to MCIR for many different combinations of county, age group, vaccine, and coverage level. Local health departments can find information for their county/counties by downloading the workbook that covers their MCIR region. Statewide numbers are found in the ‘State of Michigan’ workbooks. If you are interested in immunization coverage in your community, please download one or more of these workbooks and explore them. A brief tutorial is available: MCIR Immunization Coverage Workbooks Instructions . An updated workbook will be produced at least every 6 months.

MCIR workbooks dated prior to March 31, 2010 and later calculate coverage based on valid doses. Those afterwards use both valid and invalid doses to allow direct comparisons with the National Immunization Survey (NIS).

(You may need file compression software like TugZip or WinZip to open the files.)

Map of MCIR Regions

Region 1 Workbooks
Region 2 Workbooks
Region 3 Workbooks
Region 4 Workbooks
Region 5 Workbooks
Region 6 Workbooks
State of Michigan Coverage Workbooks