Fall Conferences

Registration for the 2013 Fall Regional Immunization Conferences begins late-August!

MDCH Fall Regional Immunization Conferences – Online registration will begin on September 9. On that date, we will send an email to the MDCH Immunization Listserv, notifying our readers that online registration has begun. That email will include the online registration website address. Since you received this email, that means that you will definitely receive the conference registration email, because we will be using the same listserv groups. The fall schedule for the conferences is included on the attached document. There will be a keynote speaker from CDC at each of the conferences; more details about the speakers are included on page 2 of the attached flyer. We are in the process of applying for continuing education.

A flyer is posted at www.michigan.gov/immunize (under Provider Information).

The dates and locations for the MDCH 2013 Fall Immunization Conferences are Oct. 15 (Gaylord), Oct. 17 (Marquette), Oct. 29 (Kalamazoo), Oct. 30 (Grand Rapids), Nov. 1 (E. Lansing), Nov. 19 (Bay City), Nov. 21 (Dearborn), and Nov. 22 (Troy).

We are still in the early planning stages for these conferences. The registration process will begin in late-August. As more details become available, they will be posted at www.michigan.gov/immunize.