BMI Growth Module

Pediatric Body Mass Index (BMI) Growth Module

The Body Mass Index (BMI) Growth Module is now in the Michigan Care Improvement Registry. BMI (Body Mass Index) Growth Module has been developed for the use by clinics for their pediatric patients 0 to 18 years of age. The BMI Growth Module includes fields to enter height/length, weight, weight counseling, nutrition counseling, and physical activity counseling. When a health care provider enters height and weight they will have access to the calculated BMI value, BMI percentile, height percentile, and weight percentile . Determining BMI is an important first step in managing pediatric obesity. This Module provides health care providers with printable growth charts and clinical decision support tools including age appropriate surveys to assess nutrition habits, physical activity habits, family history and change readiness to help parents and children identify risks factors and develop goals.

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Tip Sheets:
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BMI Basics for Parents Tip Sheet

How to Generate Growth Charts Tip Sheet

How to Measure Height Tip Sheet

How to Utilize Clinical Decision Support Tools Tip Sheet