Long Term Care Facilities

Long Term Care Facilities

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MCIR Basic 3 Module

The MCIR Basic 3 for Long Term Care Module reviews:

  1. Searching for a Person in the MCIR
  2. Adding a New Person to the MCIR
  3. Adding an Immunization your Facility Administers without Managing the MCIR VIM.

After reviewing the module you can receive a Certificate of Completion.

1. Answer the questionnaire linked form at the end of the module.
2. Receive your certificate.
3. Email your certificate directly to your Regional MCIR Coordinator.

MCIR Mini Basic Lessons

MCIR Mini Basic Lessons are mini PDF PowerPoints to review specific applications in the MCIR.

Click on the image to review the MCIR Mini Module.

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Tip Sheets

  1. How To Search for a Person
  2. How To Add a Person
  3. How To Edit a Person’s Address
  4. How To Add an Immunization Administered by your Site
  5. How To Edit an Immunization Administered by your Site
  6. How To Add a Historical Immunization
  7. How To Add a No Inventory Immunization
  8. How To Print an Official MCIR Immunization Record
  9. How To Flag a Record as Duplicate
  10. How To Record a Person as Deceased

Password, MILogin Profile and Where to Find your MCIR Pin

How To Reset my MILogin Password to Access MCIR

HOW TO:  Reset my MILogin Password to Access MCIR  – Tip Sheet PDF

How to Update your MILogin Profile

HOW TO:  Update MILogin Profile Information – Tip Sheet PDF

How to Find my MCIR Pin

HOW TO: Find My MCIR Pin – Tip Sheet PDF

Healthcare Provider Sites Registration

MCIR New Immunizing Provider Site Usage Agreement

Agreement issued to all immunizing Public and Private Providers and Pharmacies requesting MCIR access and user rights.

 MCIR NEW Provider User Usage Site Agreement to

Click Region to Email: Region 1           Region 2          Region 3          Region 4          Region 5          Region 6

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