Immunizing Providers

Immunizing Providers

Contact your Regional Coordinator for questions and training.

MCIR Reference Guides

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Vaccine Inventory Management Training Videos courtesy of Region 2 

MCIR Basic Tip Sheets

  1. How To Search for a Person
  2. How To Add a Person
  3. How To Edit a Person’s Address
  4. How To Add an Immunization Administered by your Site
  5. How To Edit an Immunization Administered by your Site
  6. How To Add a Historical Immunization
  7. How To Add a No Inventory Immunization
  8. How To Print an Official MCIR Immunization Record
  9. How To Flag a Record as Duplicate
  10. How To Record a Person as Deceased
  11. How To Find your MCIR Site ID *NEW*

MCIR Mini Basic Lessons

Immunization Quality Improvement Program

Please contact Stephanie Sanchez regarding the Immunization Quality Improvement Program.

Electronic Transfer


Meaningful Use

Meaningful Use

Other Available Data Modules (i.e. BMI, Lead, etc.)

Vaccines for Children (VFC)

**Document includes information that reflect name change. ESSR is now called HL7 Transfer Report.