Health Plans

Health Plans

Benefits for Health Plans

MCIR benefits health care organization by consolidating immunization information from multiple providers. This reduces vaccine preventable diseases, over-vaccination, and allows providers and other authorized users to see up-to-date patient immunization history.

Most Michigan health plan utilize the MCIR/HEDIS* extract process to supplement or provide their administrative data for annual HEDIS measurement. Some health plans have had so much success with the MCIR/HEDIS extract data that they are able to eliminate annual chart audits.

*HEDIS is the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set, a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

Technical Assistance

Contact your MCIR Regional Coordinator for MCIR access and training.

Questions regarding the extract process, contact Ian Hancke at the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services: 517-241-7647.