COVID-19 E-Ordering Available in MCIR

NEW TIP SHEET How To Order COVID-19 Vaccine in the MCIR (E-Ordering)
This functionality is accessible to currently enrolled COVID-19 Providers. Staff designated as an E-Order contact may order.

Site administrators may easily add E-Order contact(s) to their site in the MCIR. Site Administrator help is available at this link.

Michigan Department of Health & Human Services (MDHHS) How To E-Order COVID-19 Vaccine click for Webinar and click for Slides.


The COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic Preparation Checklist Resource Toolkit guidance document is to help ensure that any mass vaccination clinic or provider office is prepared for COVID-19 vaccination.

Use this checklist as a comprehensive overview to support planning efforts and compliance with requirements expected of COVID-19 Vaccine Providers. Completion of these items are REQUIRED prior to performing COVID-19 vaccination.

How to be a COVID-19 Immunizing Provider

Medical Providers seeking to enroll and participate with the State of Michigan CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Program must 1st complete a current MCIR Provider Usage Agreement,* (if not already a current MCIR provider). Find your MCIR Site ID review instructions here.

A MCIR Site ID is required to complete the RedCap Registration CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Program Provider Agreement Form.

For a complete checklist of necessary information review the COVID-19 Provider Enrollment Checklist or visit the COVID-19 Immunizing Providers page.

*Complete the MCIR Provider Usage Agreement access here and connect with your Regional MCIR Provider.

COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Enrollments and New MCIR Provider User Agreements

Due to the extremely high number of COVID Immunizing Provider Enrollment applications being submitted to MDHHS and centralization of establishing new MCIR provider sites, applications are prioritized according to when they will be receiving the COVID vaccines.  Priority is according to those sites identified to be receiving COVID vaccine in the very near future and are required to be processed prior to others that may not receive vaccine until a later date when available according to the set prioritization.

The COVID Enrollment form in Redcap approval does not guarantee receival of COVID vaccine (at least not immediately).   If you have any questions regarding enrolling in the COVID Vaccine Program please email your question to  You may also visit, then selecting “Provider Guidance and Education” for additional information.