Decline in Child Vaccination Coverage During COVID-19

Centers for Disease Control Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR)

Visit Decline in Child Vaccination Coverage During the COVID-19 Pandemic – Michigan Care Improvement Registry May 2016 – May 2020 to review.

Data from the MCIR were used to show vaccine coverage declines among most children at milestone ages in May 2020 compared to previous May estimates. 


About Michigan Care Improvement Registry, MCIR

The Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR) was created in 1998 to collect reliable immunization information for children and make it accessible to authorized users. A 2006 change to the Michigan Public Health Code enabled the MCIR to transition from a childhood immunization registry to a lifespan registry including citizens of all ages in the MCIR. MCIR benefits health care organizations, schools, licensed childcare programs, pharmacies and Michigan’s citizens by consolidating immunization information from multiple providers into a comprehensive immunization record. This consolidation reduces vaccine-preventable diseases and over-vaccination, allowing providers to view up-to-date patient immunization history in one system.