About MCIR

MCIR was created in 1998 to collect reliable immunization information and make it accessible to authorized users online. In 2006, MCIR was expanded to include adults.

MCIR benefits health care organizations, schools, licensed childcare programs, and Michigan's citizens by consolidating immunization information from multiple providers. This reduces vaccine-preventable diseases, over-vaccination, and allows providers to see up-to-date patient immunization history.

MCIR also has the ability to assist with pandemic flu preparedness and can track vaccines and medications during a public health emergency.

MCIR is a Lifetime Registry

The Michigan Childhood Immunization Registry changed its name to the Michigan Care Improvement Registry due to the passage of Public Act 91 of 2006. The acronym is still MCIR.

MCIR New Rules

“New” MCIR Rules in effect immediately as of August 7, 2012.

In order to include the optional reporting of height and weight in the BMI module in MCIR, the MCIR rules required revision. 
The old version of the rules required all providers administering immunizations to report the immunizations that were required for school and childcare.  We took this opportunity to update the rule for what vaccines are required to report in the MCIR.  The revision to the rules removed the language limiting the vaccines that health care providers are required to report.  Providers are now required to report ALL immunizations administered to every child born after December 31, 1993 and less than 20 years of age. This ruling includes the reporting of flu, HPV, HepA, MCV4, rotavirus, etc., within 72 hours of administration. Click here for entire document